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swissinvestfund.com Monthly newsletter‏
Hope you had really successful working week, because we had a week like that and looks like spring is already arrived also in Switzerland and we are really happy about that.

Two days ago we celebrated our first month (30 days) online presence for Swiss Invest Fund, but we decided to send out or weekly newsletter only today, because today is the day when some of the first members who invested in "PREMUIUM" plan finished it. Three of them already started second circle for "PREMIUM" plan and we really appreciate that. One of the main reasons why Swiss Invest Fund is so successful is that we offer wide range of investment opportunities what satisfies almost every investor. Investors can decide to invest in long term and in medium/short term with balanced interest rates. One of our key to success is that we offer five payment processors (LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EGO Pay, PexPay and Solid Trust Pay) what allows us to be leaders in investment field. Of course this is not the place where we can say that it is top of our success, but place where we can only think about even stronger growth in next months. We will be able to do that, because we plan to add some new features in future what will just make our place in investment industry even stronger then ever before.

First month for Swiss Invest Fund was way more successful then we ever expected, we reached 1500 members what is amazingly good, because we expected something about 1000. Our investment platform is more sucussful then we calculated from first two week analysis, but since we are targeting our investment platform to top elite investors we saw really big growth in end of the month when we experienced growth like no time before.

We would like to remind that if you refer new people to join Swiss Invest Fund investment platform you can receive referral bonus starting from six up to nine percent from every new investment under you. Also we would like to point out that if you join our regional representatives section you receive even 0.5 percent more for every new investment under you. This it your chance to make bigger profit, so start to advertise and earn even more.

Some reviews about Swiss Invest Fund what came out during this week and are worth to read. For our English speaking community:
For our Russian speaking community:

We wish you pleasant weekend with family and successful working next working week.

Swiss Invest Fund team
Mar-23-2013 12:34:30 PM
Bentley Investment Newsletter
Dear Members,

We have dropped HYIPExplorer and posted our review at TalkGold about this scam monitor, please visit at http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r384693-.html

We have Paying status at 39+ monitor and we are adding new in coming days. We have updated many forum links at our Rating page. Please post your payment proof on forums and monitors after getting paid.

Our announced and official withdrawal processing time is 24 hours but we are pleased to inform all investors that our current withdrawal processing time is between 1 minute to maximum 12 hours. But that 24 hours official time frame is still in action. On weekend or due to any technical problem that 24 hours time frame is still applicable and don't ignore that.

Our dedicated blog for updates is www.bentleyinvestment.info please bookmark this and visit in case you can't access our main website or for other updates.

Yours truly

Bentley Investment
Mar-13-2013 05:04:30 PM
We lost all the backup and database of past 7 months.Hence all the programs added,RCB,news,any other related in between these months are lost. We had a backup available till may 2012 and uploaded it to the server.

The reason for all this is our hosting company.They lost license and all their servers were seized hence resulting all fatal data loss.

Sorry for inconvenience.

If you find anything wrong in our website please feel free to contact us.

Dec-5-2012 09:41:30 AM
service. VIP - creditprogrambank.com
CREDIT PROGRAM BANK begins individual service of all of ours the VIP of clients. After assignment to the client of the status the VIP, receive a personal manager.
VIP-client will be able to call his own personal account manager at any time.
VIP-customer also receives an additional control and accelerated by the withdrawal of funds.
Feb-17-2012 04:44:07 AM
Get 10% bonus for a new deposit‏ Worldwidecapital
We offer you to get 10% one time bonus for creating a new deposit. This limited offer is valid from 30th of January till 29th of February.

Best Regards,
Financial Department
Jan-31-2012 12:40:57 AM
North Sea Projects Update‏
Welcome to our many new members this weekend and today, we are confident that we can make your membership very profitable as many of our members who are already in profit can confirmto you. We are a little concerned that after we paid many members today that only 6 have actually posted in the forums, it helps us alot if you could post your payments and there is no excuse as we give you the links of where to post in our payment confirmation e-mail. as we have stated many times in the past we feel that it is the duty of the monitors with which we have paid to advertise, to promote and post our site and only around half of them are actual active. It\'s your money and we think that we will have to delete some of the monitors who are just having a free ride.

The good news is that over the weekend we have secured a deal on a new project which will start giving us some fantastic returns in around a weeks time and will make sure that we can sustain our payments to all our investors, these are exciting times for us all. We will try to get the chat box up before weekend but we have been very busy already this week and it\'s a case of priorities and the main priority at the moment is making sure we have the income to increase our investments.

Tony and the NSP team
Jan-31-2012 12:40:37 AM
COMEX Fund Server Upgrade Complete‏
Hello Investors, We have completed our server upgrades to manage the continued increases in traffic to our website. You may have had a slower browsing experience on our website yesterday, but that is now gone as our upgrades to the server are finished. We are continuing to see a 10% increase in traffic each day. All users should have a quicker and more efficient browsing experience on comexfund.com We would like to remind all our investors you can contact us by phone, live chat support, support ticket or through Facebook and Twitter. We are active on our social networking sites and it is a great thing to be apart of if you are a member of COMEX Fund. We will be posting and communicating with members everyday through Facebook and Twitter. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Comex-Fund/223987904347164

http://twitter.com/#!/COMEXFund Thank You,

Jeremy Moore
Jan-31-2012 12:40:18 AM
COMEX Fund Newsletter #4‏
Hello Investors, Thank you for being patient with us during our modifications as a company. We have received a huge increase in traffic in the past 24 hours which we did not expect, being a Sunday. We are now at over 1700 members with over 1500 of those members being active investors. At the writing of this newsletter, there are over 500 visitors accessing our website at this very moment from over 20 countries. Thank you for giving us your trust during our changes and improvements as a company. We are doing it to give you a better and safer investment experience. The growth we have had over the past several days has been very unexpected. Thank you for spreading the word about us as a reputable and efficient company to your friends and family. During the course of the next 12 hours or so, several upgrades will be made to the server to handle the increased traffic. The site may be inaccessible as upgrades are being made. Thank You,

Jeremy Moore
Jan-31-2012 12:39:28 AM
EVBusiness - Your trust is our asset‏
Hello profitablehyips

Today, 22nd January 2012, we successfully complete the second month of our online business operation. We are happy to see more than 80,000 online investors have joined us all over the world from the first days of our online business. We are deeply grateful for the thousands of positive feedbacks we have received from our members and supporters along the way.

Principal Withdraw
Today our investment package (2.8% fixed daily profit for 60 calendar days) will expire for most of our investors who invested 60 days ago. Everyone here at EVBusiness would like to thank all of you for choosing and putting your trust in EVBusiness. Your initial investment amount (principal) plus your compounded and reinvested amount during last 60 calendar days (period of plan) will be added to your account balance automatically and you can withdraw it instantly to your e-currency account. You can sell your funds in your e-currency account to ebuygold.com or ecardone.com at the lowest fee and receive your money in your local bank account in the following day.

EVBusiness identity is verified by Nominet, the legal e-commerce domain registrar in the United Kingdom. Now, you can reach EVBusiness online website by using either ev.biz or evbusiness.co.uk.

Evbusiness has been reviewed by one of the most popular investment blogs in the industry (HYIPInvestment). You can check our review on their website or use the link below:

Hardware Upgraded
We have successfully upgraded our DDoS protection to the latest version of CISCO DDoS protection hardware. Our server now has a high speed Solid State Driver and a new stable internet conection (speed up to 100Mbit/s). We have also upgraded RAM to 64GB and installed 32-core CPU. Now you can reach EVBsusiness faster than ever.

Backup Server
We have added four new backup servers in the United Kingdom and Canada. Now EVBusiness save your account data in 13 different offshore servers all over the world in real-time that will guarantee your data security from all sides

Presentation Video
We highly recommend that you download our official presentation video for better understanding of our business and strategies. You can share our presentation video with others via e-mail as an attachment or a download link.

Best Regards,

EV Business Limited
388B Prince Regent Ln
Newham, London E16 3DH,
United Kingdom

Jan-25-2012 12:32:33 PM
North Sea Projects Update‏
As usual we want to welcome all new members to North Sea Projects and we are now 2556 members strong with 1382 investors, quite a few free members are earning decent money in referal commissions and we thank them for all their hard work.All payments are up to date and made within around 4 hours which is very fast indeed and we aim to keep you happy at all times.

We will be starting a new advertising campaign next week and we want to thank the monitors who have helped make North Sea Projects one of the best ever investment platforms and we hope we can continue to work with you. We do however have some monitors who are not earning their advertising fees and we will have to reduce our bonus fees to them which is in the interest of our members, after all if we did not pay them they would soon put us on a not paying status so it should work both ways. We can use that money to buy better advertising in other places.

Our investment projects are doing very well and we will soon have news a new project that has just been launched and we have negotiated a good deal to benefit all our investors, these are exciting times here at North Sea Projects and we want you all to share in the profits that we now have coming in daily.

Tony and the NSP team.
Jan-25-2012 12:29:04 PM
Hukum perusahaan. To the legal companies. Юридическим компаниям :. creditprogrambank.com‏
CREDIT PROGRAM BANK Tells law firms already opened an account at our bank by means of Bank Wire, that we have the opportunity to enter into agreements with the Russia Legal companies and to conclude contracts in Russian.
Jan-12-2012 02:15:28 PM
HYIP Innovation - Two Months Online Celebration!‏
Dear HYIP Innovation members,

1. HYIP Innovation is two months young!
January 11th is our two months online celebration day!
I must say that while being able to get to this point in time was of course never a question from our perspective, but if it was not for YOUR trust and YOUR active participation in the program, we would have a lot harder times advancing. Today we are congratulating all of our participating members of whom very many are already well in profit and we are pledging our further financial commitment to continue serving our program users in the future.

2. The power of innovative affiliate program
We wanted to express our deepest appreciation of all the efforts shown this far by our current affiliate program partners. We are very happy to see that more and more website owners are choosing our program over the others and we are happy to report that your efforts are really worth it and that thousands of dollars have already been paid out in referral commissions.
In case some of you didn't yet noticed, HYIP Innovation is offering one of the most powerful affiliate programs this industry has to offer and I am inviting all of those not yet participating website owners to have a closer look at our commissions structure description. Not only are we offering conditionally increasing percentage on the first tier deposits, but chances are, you might as well earn a lot more from two more tiers deep. Once you join, please do not forget to send us your website link!

3. Program Payouts
As it was mentioned in one of our prior news releases some three weeks ago, we have been gradually incorporating our "two withdrawals maximum per day, per account" requirement where our website supporting software will not allow placing excessive withdrawal requests till each next day. This process is now almost complete with only about 10% of accounts still being left on the old payout schedule and which will be switched within the next few days.

Please enjoy one of the most reliable and stable programs around and High Innovative Five to all of you!

Sean Mebokan on behalf of
HYIP Innovation and HYIPInno.com Team

P.S. If you haven't seen it yet, please check out our program video presentation here:
Jan-12-2012 02:14:49 PM
Peluang baru. New opportunities. Новые возможности. :. creditprogrambank.com‏
Dear clients! In CREDIT PROGRAM BANK there were new functions, such as - https://creditprogrambank.com/request_callback.php Request callback, https://creditprogrambank.com/rate_support.php Rate support. For us very important your opinion and qualitative communication with you.
Jan-12-2012 02:14:10 PM
Privat Bank Ukraine. :. creditprogrambank.com‏
Dear clients, CREDIT PROGRAM BANK on your numerous requests, we open the withdrawal and the opening of deposit by means of Privat Bank Ukraine.
For reception of instructions, please write us through the feedback form https://creditprogrambank.com/contacts.php or in Online a chat.
Dec-29-2011 04:46:00 AM
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!‏
With the warmest greetings, we wish you all successful Financial Managers, Consultants, Planners, Investors and a very joyful and prosper New Year.

It is a pleasure to be the manager of this huge financial company with your support for the second Year and I am very glad to be a member of Enzex Finance successful family. We far exceeded more than our expectation in the previous year and we were able to create powerful and great financial teams in more than 17 countries. We achieved very good position in the global market.

In my opinion this 2012 year, will be very valuable to all of us. We should follow logical strategies and beneficial financial plans to continue as a leader in the global market.

I would like to mention five of my major targets till the end of 2012 year:
-Providing financial products in conjunction with the world trade market for our investors.
Continue growth in the market.
-Providing new tools to facilitate electronic transactions for our investors.
-Providing new financial products to achieve long term targets.Use of perfect financial models with the lowest risk and greatest profit.

At the end, I would like to thank you all for your hard work and continuous support to me and Enzex Finance Company.

David Roberts
Chairman and CEO


Mailing Address: 415 Madison Avenue Floor 16,New York,
NY 10017,United States.
Phone:+1(646) 308-1583
Dec-25-2011 08:08:34 AM
EVBusiness Merry Christmas‏
With 2012 fast approaching, everyone here at EVBusiness would like to wish our members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It’s been a busy year for EVBusiness and now is a great time to reflect on everything we have achieved and where we are going. We like to ensure you receive the greatest investment service so this year we introduced a variety of new products including EVBusiness VISA Card and Bank Guarantee.
We also rolled out our best special events, attracting over 25,000+ members, 11,000+ FaceBook Fans, 4,000+ Twitter Followers, 500+ Incorporated Partners and 100,000+ active members in EVBusiness forums to enjoy the VIP investment service we provide. EVBusiness would like to thank you for your continuous support and we look forward to bring you a fruitful year with investments and benefits. Please notice that we are working during the holidays as we promised and all withdrawals will process instantly as usual.

Best Regards,

EV Business Limited
388B Prince Regent Ln
Newham, London E16 3DH,
United Kingdom

Dec-25-2011 08:08:06 AM
Happy Holidays From the HYIP Innovation Team!‏
Happy Holidays From the HYIP Innovation Team!

We are hard at work making our program being the finest and keeping an eye out for Santa. If any of you find him, please don't forget to let him know that HYIP Innovation have been nice this year!. So, from our hard-working staff to you, we want to sincerely wish you, your friends, and your family a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and a Wonderful New Year!

Happy holidays!

The HYIP Innovation Team
Dec-25-2011 08:07:36 AM
The Christmas is the most important Christian holiday, which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
On this day, we, the staff CREDIT PROGRAM BANK, take this opportunity to convey our warm feelings of tenderness, not only for your family and friends, also and the people who make it possible to achieve our professional goals and our bank to improve your well-being.

Dear clients, CREDIT PROGRAM BANK we inform you that we have added for you new section of video help. To view you need to go to the link https://creditprogrambank.com/video_help.php
Dec-25-2011 08:07:20 AM
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!‏
It is holiday season again which we are all thankful for everything merry and bright. Turn this year's Christmas into a pleasure and delightful one while ushering for a wonderful 2012 new year. placefunds wishes you a wonderful time with your family and beloved ones.


Please note that starting from December 26nd and 27nd we will not be engaged into trading process, thus we will pause investment period.

Thank you for your membership at placefunds.
John Black
Head of placefunds
Dec-25-2011 08:06:45 AM
EVBusiness Bank Guarantee‏
We offer Bank Guarantee to our members. Our investors will be safe by investing in our company and won't have any worry about their investment with us. We will give the bank guarantee from our local bank in London up to $10,000,000 in the name of the investor for members who make deposit equal to or higher than $10,000 via e-currencies. Totally the procedure will take 5 business days. It means you will have your money plus your profits in your local bank whenever you want.
A bank guarantee is established by the bank written declaration in a letter of guarantee. It states that the bank will satisfy creditors up to a monetary amount defined in the contents of the letter of guarantee in the case that a third party (i.e. the debtor) fails to pay its defined liability or in the case of certain other terms and conditions stipulated in the letter of guarantee.

Download EVBusiness Bank Guarantee PDF (2.2 MB)

Best Regards,

EV Business Limited
388B Prince Regent Ln
Newham, London E16 3DH,
United Kingdom

Dec-25-2011 08:06:19 AM
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